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Interactive guidebook for children

_1June 14, 2013

The department for work with schoolchildren of the Yasnaya Polyana museum has created a surprise for the family visitors—an interactive guidebook, “Children’s Fancies.”

Now during excursions parents of 5-8 year-old children can not only enjoy the lovely views of Yasnaya Polyana, but also immerse themselves in the surprising world of the old Russian estate.

The title of the guidebook was chosen deliberately. It is the same as the children’s handwritten magazine which the brothers Tolstoy created. The magazine’s “Natural History” section was the work of the 7-year-old Leo.  In the only remaining copy of the magazine there are comments about birds. The character of one of the stories—an owl—is the main character of the guidebook. Children accompany the owl on an amusing trip around the estate, solving various entertaining tasks, which help with speech development, powers of observation, logical thinking, attention, and imagination. Leo Tolstoy believed that it is only when children become active participants in the process of learning, in a relaxed, cooperative atmosphere, emotionally positive and loving, do they realize their emotional and moral potential.

Considering the age and individual characteristics of their children, parents may use the guidebook during several visits to the museum. The authors hope that parents and children who use the guidebook will enjoy their interaction and learn a great deal about Yasnaya Polyana.

The guidebook is available at the museum beginning June 15, and costs 30 rubles. It is in Russian only.

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