The State Memorial and Natural Preserve "Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana"
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Admission to the Greenhouse

4Beginning on April 29, the grounds of the Greenhouse of the Yasnaya Polyana estate will be open for visitors. Admission tickets will be sold near the entrance to the Greenhouse. Cost of a ticket: 50 rubles. 

Tickets to the Tolstoy Weekend Theater Festival Are Now On Sale


On Tuesday, April 25, 2017, the sale of tickets on the festival‘s official web site began. Beginning on Friday, April 28, tickets will also be sold in the ticket-offices of the city of Tula and the Yasnaya Polyana Estate-Museum. Thanks to the widened scope of the festival this year, the organizers will be able to distribute more tickets for free among senior citizens and school and university students. Admission to the discussions and children’s plays will be free, and visitors will only have to register in advance on the festival’s web site. 

Forum: Culture as a National Priority


On April 25, 2017 the Culture as A National Priority forum took place in the city of Omsk. There were four discussion venues: Historical Memory, Theaters and Music, A Local Cultural Center: a New Model, and Culture and Education. Ekaterina Tolstaya, director of the Yasnaya Polyana museum, made a presentation at the latter. She told the audience about the national children‘s tourism programs in which our museum has participated, and noted the positive effect of such programs. 

Volunteer Season Continues at Yasnaya Polyana


The restoration of the coniferous areas of the forest planted in 1864-1907 has begun at Yasnaya Polyana; several years ago they suffered from the outbreak of the European spruce bark-beetle. It has become a tradition for volunteers to come help the staff of the museum’s forest department. The spring session of the season has already begun, and on April 22-23, 2017 the second volunteer camp took place; many of its participants have been coming to Yasnaya Polyana since 2013, when the Museum Volunteer Camp project had just begun. The volunteers tended to the recently planted fir trees by adding soil to the holes around the saplings and, if necessary, straightening up the lopsided trunks. During the weekend, 320 trees were straightened. All in all, about 779 fir trees were planted by volunteers in April (including as part of the Let’s Preserve Yasnaya Polyana for Future Generations program). Photos can be seen here >>>

The Smile of Spring


This year spring began unusually early, which meant that even in March there was less and less snow each day and the first flowers appeared on the thawed ground. At first, there were not so many of them. Early flowers always behave like this: first one or two flowers emerge and that’s it, and only later their less decisive “brothers” follow them. Photos >>>

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