The State Memorial and Natural Preserve "Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana"
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Sale of Tickets for Guided Tours on Weekends and Holidays

Dear Visitors, 

Please note that on weekends and holidays, when we have more visitors than on weekdays, we may stop selling tickets for guided tours earlier than usual.
Art Made in Silence Project. Results


On August 26, 2018 the second international exhibition of works by deaf artists, Art Made in Silence, dedicated to Leo Tolstoy’s 190th birthday, took place at Yasnaya Polyana. The exhibition of 35 deaf artists from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Franсу, Italy, Iran, and Croatia was displayed in front of the Tolstoy House, so their works were seen by numerous visitors to our museum. More photos can be found HERE >>>

Short List of the Yasnaya Polyana Book Award for 2018 Announced


The Leo Tolstoy Estate-Museum and the Samsung Electronics Company, co-founders of the Yasnaya Polyana Book Award, have announced the short list in the Modern Russian Fiction  category for 2018.

The “Yasnaya Polyana” literary prize has been awarded annually since 2003. The Yasnaya Polyana Modern Russian Fiction Award recognizes an outstanding work by a modern author which promotes the ideals of humanity and which is important to read at this time as it reveals the course of present-day literary trends. Books published since 2015 were nominated for this year’s prize.

Leo Tolstoy’s Jubilee in the Press


To commemorate the 190th anniversary of Leo Tolstoy’s birth, the Yasnaya Polyana Museum prepared a special online project, Leo Tolstoy’s Jubilee in the Press (link to a Russian-language web site). This title is still relevant, but now such anniversaries are announced not only in the printed media, but also on the Internet and on TV.

One hundred and ten years ago, when Leo Tolstoy‘s 80th birthday was celebrated, the press published a chronicle of the celebrations both in Russia and abroad. Some newspapers dedicated separate columns to Tolstoy, and on the very day of his birth, even published special editions; both serious materials and satirical articles were published, and, of course, some amusing incidents also took place. For our project, we selected extracts from various Russian newspapers published from February to October of 1908.

Leo Tolstoy Collection on the Portal of the Presidential Library

A new extensive Digital collection, Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910), is now available on the portal of the Presidential Library; it consists of the sections Life and Career of Leo Tolstoy, The Oeuvre of Leo Tolstoy, About Leo Tolstoy‘s Oeuvre, Images of Leo Tolstoy and His Acquaintances, and Memory of the Writer. To commemorate the writer‘s 190th birthday, we publish the material At the Age of 16 I wore a Medallion with a Portrait of Rousseau on My Neck Instead of a Cross, prepared by the library‘s employees. Its full text (in Russian) can be found here >>>

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