The State Memorial and Natural Preserve "Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana"
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Waiting for Shooting Stars


By midsummer, the birds’ cheerful singing had subsided, as all their time was now taken by parental care. Only occasionally, some individual “singers” could be heard, but it usually happens if they want to warn “outsiders” that the territory is occupied.

In July, the time of exuberant blooming came to the meadows with their variety of herbs. The polygonum and the bellflower, filipendulas and geraniums spread across the meadows as a motley carpet. The blooming herbs filled the air with subtle floral fragrance. Walking along the path on the Kalinov Medow, among the islands of blooming herbs, one could notice how their aromas changed as one walked by. This summer’s frequent rains made the air very humid, and as a result the floral aromas became much stronger. And as soon as the sun comes out, the grass dries off immediately and, together with the rich fragrance, a steady buzz spreads above the meadow. Thousands, millions of bees and other insects hasten to stuff themselves full with nectar and to pollinate their “providers.” PHOTOS >>> 

Changes in the Schedule of Our Branch in Pirogovo

pirogovo1Dear Visitors!

Until September of 2017, the house of Maria Tolstaya at the Pirogovo Estate will be closed for repairs. Guided tours of the estate grounds only will be offered. You can also see the estate on your own. Information at +7 (48751) 31-3-39

Practical Workshops at Yasnaya Polyana


The Yasnaya Polyana Museum ofers practical workshops which acquaint visitors with practical sides of the life of Russian estates. Groups of 15 people and more can participate; reservation in advance is necessary (+7 (48751) 76-1-10). Cost of a ticket is 200 rubles. 

Admission to the Greenhouse

4Beginning on April 29, the grounds of the Greenhouse of the Yasnaya Polyana estate will be open for visitors. Admission tickets will be sold near the entrance to the Greenhouse. Cost of a ticket: 50 rubles. 

Our New Thematic Guided Tour


The Yasnaya Polyana Museum offers a new thematic guided tour of the estate‘s parks and the Tolstoy House, Leo Tolstoy‘s Spiritual Quest: Notes Towards a Religious Portrait of an Era

During this tour visitors can learn more about religious and philosophical views of Leo Tolstoy and his contemporaries and about the reasons for and essence of the conflict between the world-famous author and the Russian Orthodox Church. 

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