The State Memorial and Natural Preserve "Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana"
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The “House_Space” Multimedia Project Was Presented at Yasnaya Polyana


On October 12, 2016, a presentation of our new multimedia Project, House_Space, which is a virtual reconstruction of the house where Leo Tolstoy was born in 1828, took place at Yasnaya Polyana. The house is associated with the writer’s childhood recollections which brought back to life his beloved people –his mother, father, grandmother, sister and brothers. In 1854 the house was sold and moved to the estate of Tolstoy’s neighbor, the landowner Gorokhov, and half a century later it fell into decay and was demolished. At Yasnaya Polyana, there remained one foundation stone at the place where the house had formerly stood, and later the following inscription was carved on it: “Here stood the house in which Leo Tolstoy was born.” Every visitor to the estate has surely seen this stone, and, no doubt, each of them wanted to know what that building had looked like.

Clay Fairy Tale at Yasnaya Polyana

Our museum now offers a new program for children, Clay Fairy Tale at Yasnaya Polyana (offered in Russian only). It will acquaint the participants with the history of pottery and clay modeling, and with the qualities and characteristics of this material. Under the guidance of Yasnaya Polyana craftsmen, the children will learn to mould with clay, and to decorate and paint onto simple items, such as bells or clay tablets, patterns related to various holidays or Leo Tolstoy’s works. They will also learn more about the Russian peasant costume and hear the history of the Yasnaya Polyana traditional “skeleton dolls,” folk twisted dolls, and folk crafts and traditions. The workshops will be held at either Yasnaya Polyana or at our museum’s Cultural Center in Tula.

New Guided Walks at the Yasnaya Polyana Estate

The Yasnaya Polyana museum invites everyone to enjoy the beauty of the estate’s nature and offers a number of new guided walks in the central part of the estate: The Orchards, or The Art of Creating Beautiful Landscapes; The Purest Joy – the Joy of Nature; Russian Country Estate Traditions; and a walk through more remote parts of the estate, Steps to Nature.

These guided walks are offered in Russian only; or you can bring your own translator.

The Book “Needlework at Russian Country Estates: NOBILIS Culture“ Is Now on Sale


The book “Needlework at Russian Country Estates: NOBILIS Culture“ (in Russian) by Svetlana Lyakisheva, a research assistant at Yasnaya Polyana, is now on sale at our museum‘s book store and stalls. The book focuses on issues related to the emergence and development of needlework on large and small estates and also the organization of needlework manufactories. Unique photographs from the collection of the Yasnaya Polyana Museum, many of which have never been published before, help the readers imagine the variety of the kinds of estate needlework as well as the different symbols it used and its functions. 

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